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Welcome, it’s good to see you. This is the hub for men who have learned from life’s experiences and who want more! We know it’s not always easy, so here’s the Man Cave where you can rest up, get your wounds treated, share experiences, have a laugh and pick up fresh supplies for the campaign ahead.

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With the blind drawn you can't see the alpacas peering in

Stand Up to Work

Why a stand-up is not a joke but the new way to work at your desk 

Most of us work sitting at a desk. Then we go home – sitting in the car or on the train – and sit some more. On average we sit for 9.3 hours a day – compared to lying down sleeping for 7.7 hours. This is bad for just about everything from heart muscles to back posture. I realised this about a year ago when I got major backache and decided to do something about it. Read more…

Cobbles. Road racer. They don't play well together. Photo: Tom Isitt

The Road to Hell

It isn’t paved with good intentions, it’s paved with mud and cobbles. Tom Isitt rode the second half of the Paris-Roubaix route and found out the hard way

It’s like hanging on to an out-of-control pneumatic road drill, while having your knackers kicked by a gang of skinheads, for six hours.

That, pretty much, is what riding the route of the Paris-Roubaix bicycle race is like.

Bernard Hinault, one of the all-time great racers, described the Paris-Roubaix as ‘a race for idiots’, or something to that effect. Read more…

We've all been on this rocky road. Photo: uplandaccess, Flickr

We’ve All Been There

This guest post by a man called Michael takes us to a place we’ve all been, the solitary road less travelled, far from everything we know, where we have to keep moving forward because we can’t go back – and where we find others have gone before.

There are those times when a biting wind whips with stinging rain as the path steepens, becomes ever more broken and unstable underfoot.  Progress is slow.  There is the deep longing to be able to turn back or to turn aside to rest on the hillside.  Read more…

Happy Mothers Day! And as a special treat we'll unchain you from the radiator. Photo: Culater251, Flickr

Don’t You Just Hate Mothers Day?

Mothers Day – can it be anything other than a mother of a day?

Mothers Day, one of the most hateful of the calendar. It can’t be easy being a mother either. She gets given flowers and has to look surprised. What was she expecting, an envelope containing the instructions to move her into an old people’s home later the same day? Surprise!

She wasn’t always older with grey hair either. But none of that is accounted for by a remorseless slew of presents that include the flowers, chocolate (‘here, screw your diabetes and weight’), or some ‘pampering products’ (which translated mean ‘Try these, you smell like an old lady’). Read more…

The wall is breached. The king is dead.

The Gap We Leave

Just before the winter storms came, they cut him down. He was maybe 90 years old, in pretty good health but you know what they’re like. They didn’t really understand him, didn’t see why he had to keep standing there looking a bit tatty. After all, what good was he actually doing? He was blocking the light.

In times past they’d have appreciated his quiet qualities, but that understanding is dying out. They don’t have the time to even stop and stare. Read more…

It does what it says on the cover


How a Sceptic Found Stillness Amid His Western Stress

This ought to be awful. Middle-aged man gets ill and sets out to discover how to cure himself after the medical profession fails him. On the way we learn rather a lot about his bowels. Then we get into the whole meditation, spiritual thing, while also taking in kayaking, sitting exams and inserting things up your penis.

Yet this is a brilliant book. I personally learned a lot, some of which I’ve actually put into practice in my own life, although this didn’t involve either kayaks or penis insertions. Read more…

Photo: SPT Photographe, Flickr, Creative Commons

Men of the West!

26th February 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

It’s time for us to hold our ground


‘Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.

‘A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day!

‘An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down. Read more…

Stoic Marcus Aurelius. Philosophy of horse: unknown. Photo: Xerones, Flickr

What do Tim Ferriss and Emperor Marcus Aurelius have in common? PLUS How to live like them for a day

13th February 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

Here’s the question: What does the uber-cool marketer Tim Ferriss have in common with the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius? True, they both wrote books, Tim The Four Hour Work Week among others and Marcus Aurelius the Meditations. But that’s not it. They are or were both followers of the Stoic philosophy.

If you spend time online you’ll almost certainly have come across Tim or numerous mentions of him. And you’ll have seen Emperor Marcus Aurelius played by Richard Harris in Gladiator. Read more…

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