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Four years training for two minutes. Then what?  Photo © James Bareham

Goals Are For Losers

19th November 2014 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow


It’s that moment of release in a football match, the culmination of the rising tension and expectation, the final shot. The moment the player throws his arms into the air and screams, the crowd explodes, the commentator takes leave of his senses. It’s the money shot.

But goals are for losers.

Which is strange because we’re taught that goals are important. Goals for losing weight, getting a promotion, learning Tagalog. How are you going to move forward if you don’t have goals? Read more...

Photo @Francesco Tonelli

Francesco Tonelli – From Chef to Photographer

13th November 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

Describing Francesco Tonelli as a food photographer is rather like saying Pavarotti was a singer. Both statements are perfectly true, but don’t come close to expressing the depth of their talent; nor do they do justice to just how hard they worked at it.

Like Pavarotti, Francesco is from Northern Italy. From early childhood he had a deep passion for cooking and, by the time he was 14, he was already working in the kitchen with his brother who was a chef. Read more...

Sink, swim...or float. Photo @James Bareham

The Rising Tide of Technology: This is FHQ

11th November 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

The ‘Great Recession’, which began in 2008, wiped around 14 trillion dollars off the face of the financial world. This first major crash of the 21st Century destroyed national economies, companies, and the careers of literally millions of people; over eight million people lost their jobs in the US alone. It’s safe to say that 2008 was a pretty bad year for an awful lot of people.

2014 has seen the banking sector return to near record levels of growth and the US economy  recover all of the jobs it lost. Read more...

©Henry Hargreaves - No Seconds

‘No Seconds’ on Death Row

5th November 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has scheduled the last execution of this year to fall on December 3rd. This is the date chosen for Scott Panetti—a man who is widely regarded as mentally ill—to die.

Scott Panetti will not be given a choice for his last meal. He’ll get what he’s given and like it or lump it. The option for Texas death row inmates to order anything they wanted to eat prior to their execution was ended back in 2011. Read more...

This gives new meaning to 'My computer's fried.' Photo: @Henry Hargreaves

Technology Killed My Career. And Saved My Life

3rd November 2014 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

In the first of a series, we show how technology can not only be the destroyer of worlds but make your digital phoenix rise again.


My career went down the tubes when I was approaching my half century. The publishing and creative industries have not been decimated, since that’s a Roman phrase that means one in ten men were killed. What happened to the creative industries was more like a massacre. Read more...

Chic Childs - Seven Sins Tattoo

Chic Child – Paint, Draw, Design. Tattoo?

3rd November 2014 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

When Chic Child was coming up 40, he rang some friends. Could he come and stay for a bit? A father, designer and coming up to middle age, he turned up at his friends with his entire set of possessions – a motorbike and a rucksack.

He stayed with friends for over a month which, he points out, ‘was nice of them since I was sleeping on a camp bed in their dining room, and they were in the middle of a divorce.’

Behind him he left a wrecked marriage.

Monty Peters, a practicing Stoic. Photo: ©Graham Scott / Fellow HQ

Monty Peters – Trials and Opportunities

3rd November 2014 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

Monty Peters has survived prison, being homeless, losing his company, illness, huge accidents and much more. Here’s how he survived

Things were looking good for Monty Peters. A man in his 40s, he’d run a garage and workshops as well as other businesses, been on the edges of the very top level of British rallying, and was now running a wholesale business. His first marriage had ended in disaster, but now he was living with his second wife and things were looking up. Read more...

Photograph of 'Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson' / front jacket photo ©Norman Seeff

Remembering Steve Jobs

5th October 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp


Today is the third anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs on October 5th, 2011. I remember hearing the news of his passing late in the evening of October 6th and immediately decided to go into my office at 5am the next morning to spend some quiet time writing down my thoughts on his life.

Steve’s death profoundly affected me, so much so that I remember feeling that it was rather strange to be that upset over the death of someone whom I had never met. Read more...