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Photograph of 'Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson' / front jacket photo ©Norman Seeff

Remembering Steve Jobs

5th October 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

Mortality Inspires Me : Taking inspiration from a life well lived

Today is the third anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs on October 5th, 2011. I remember hearing the news of his passing late in the evening of October 6th and immediately decided to go into my office at 5am the next morning to spend some quiet time writing down my thoughts on his life.

Steve’s death profoundly affected me, so much so that I remember feeling that it was rather strange to be that upset over the death of someone whom I had never met. Read more...

Lord 'Dickie' Attenborough in his screening room, Richmond, Surrey, England. Photo: ©James Bareham

Goodbye Dickie

25th August 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

Lord Richard ‘Dickie’ Attenborough 1923 – 2014

Yesterday we received the sad news of the death of Richard ‘Dickie’ Attenborough.

‘Lord A’ was an institution, a consummate actor, director, and a thoroughly charming man.

Back in 2004, it was my pleasure to meet Dickie when I was commissioned to photograph him for the Sunday Times Culture magazine. The location for the shoot was the private screening room at his beautiful home in Richmond, West London. Read more...

The Lucky 13. A proper hunter-gatherer tribe

No Man is an Island

3rd June 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

Bear Grylls’ The Island was an experiment in putting 13 men on a desert island with virtually no tools for a month. Could they find their inner hunter-gatherer, or would they find their inner drama kings?

What struck me is that Bear Grylls’ plan, to see if men still had the right stuff, worked so well. By and large, after a couple of weeks of getting their heads round it, the men showed that a disparate group of blokes could weld themselves into a functioning hunter-gatherer tribe. Read more...

With the blinds drawn you can't see the Alpacas peering in!

Stand Up to Work

17th April 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

Why a stand-up is not a joke but the new way to work at your workstation 

Most of us work sitting at a desk. Then we go home – sitting in the car or on the train – and sit some more. On average we sit for 9.3 hours a day – compared to lying down sleeping for 7.7 hours. This is bad for just about everything from heart muscles to back posture. I realised this about a year ago when I got major backache and decided to do something about it. Read more...

Cobblestones and carbon race frames don't mix. Photo: ©Tom Isitt

The Road to Hell

10th April 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

It isn’t paved with good intentions, it’s paved with mud and cobbles. Tom Isitt rode the second half of the Paris-Roubaix route and found out the hard way

It’s like hanging on to an out-of-control pneumatic road drill, while having your knackers kicked by a gang of skinheads, for six hours.

That, pretty much, is what riding the route of the Paris-Roubaix bicycle race is like.

Bernard Hinault, one of the all-time great racers, described the Paris-Roubaix as ‘a race for idiots’, or something to that effect. Read more...

The wall is breached. The king is dead.

The Gap We Leave

21st March 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

Just before the winter storms came, they cut him down. He was maybe 90 years old, in pretty good health but you know what they’re like. They didn’t really understand him, didn’t see why he had to keep standing there looking a bit tatty. After all, what good was he actually doing? He was blocking the light.

In times past they’d have appreciated his quiet qualities, but that understanding is dying out. They don’t have the time to even stop and stare. Read more...

Teach Us to Sit Still

Teach Us To Sit Still

12th March 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

How a Sceptic Found Stillness Amid His Western Stress

This ought to be awful. Middle-aged man gets ill and sets out to discover how to cure himself after the medical profession fails him. On the way we learn rather a lot about his bowels. Then we get into the whole meditation, spiritual thing, while also taking in kayaking, sitting exams and inserting things up your penis.

Yet this is a brilliant book. I personally learned a lot, some of which I’ve actually put into practice in my own life, although this didn’t involve either kayaks or penis insertions. Read more...

Photo: SPT Photographe, Flickr, Creative Commons

Men of the West!

26th February 2014 by Graham Scott @FellowHQ

It’s time for us to hold our ground

‘Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.

‘A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day!

‘An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down. Read more...