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The Facebook Element. Photo Illustration ©James Bareham

Facebook’s ‘Breaking Bad’ School of Business

1st April 2015 by James Bareham @happicamp

Watching Walter White give away a valuable product to generate demand and ultimately make a fortune is a great analogy for many in Silicon Valley.

At this year’s F8 Developers conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced the creation of a new development platform for their Messenger app and previewed ‘Business on Messenger’.

Now, I have no doubt that ‘Business on Messenger’ will become an incredibly useful tool for engaging in real-time conversations with customers. But I also have no idea about how much it’s ultimately going to cost. Read more...

Lean in, knee down. Tom Isitt aboard a Ducati 900SS

Nanakorobi Yaoki

5th March 2015 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

In which we explore speed, drugs, death, terrifying illness, being sacked with extreme prejudice and of course how technology can resurrect your career.


Here at Fellow HQ we subscribe to the Japanese dictum of ‘Nanakorobi yaoki’ (‘seven times down, eight times up’). It means that however many times life knocks you down, you always get up again. And if you were looking for an embodiment of that, Tom Isitt is your man. He’s been made redundant and fired with extreme prejudice several times, seen his career fall apart and then spent 18 months with a terrifying illness where his body literally tried to force his eyes out of his head. Read more...

Manhattan & Brooklyn from the air. Photo: ©James Bareham - taken on approach to JFK using a smartphone

An English New Yorker

22nd February 2015 by James Bareham @happicamp

This is an essay about living in New York, the city I am proud to call home, and where after 10 years, I have finally graduated beyond my classification as a ‘resident alien’ to become a real ‘New Yorker’.

‘Be careful what you wish for.’ As a maxim it’s common; as an experience it’s rare.

Last week, I not only celebrated the 10th anniversary of my emigration to America, but also that, after ten years of living in New York (and after nearly thirty years of dreaming about it), I had graduated from my classification as a ‘Resident Alien’ and was finally entitled to call myself a ‘New Yorker’. Read more...

Mr Difford is Ready for his Close Up. Photo: ©Hal Shinnie

Chris Difford: Changing to Stay the Same

27th January 2015 by James Bareham @happicamp

‘A band is actually quite a fragile place.’

Chris Difford’s quiet statement seems rather at odds with the fact that he’s still playing and touring with Squeeze, the iconic British band he co-founded back in 1974 with Glenn Tilbrook, his writing partner and collaborator for the last four decades.

‘When you first meet as a band, you don’t have a family, you don’t have managers, you don’t have accountants, you don’t have reality; you just cast off and you are all on the same boat. Read more...


Philosophy For Life, and other dangerous situations

20th January 2015 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

Men aren’t that great about dealing with or talking about their physical health. But they’re gabbling drama kings compared to men talking about their mental health. Most men might grudgingly acknowledge if their leg had actually fallen off, but get onto depression, trauma and anything else and you’ll meet a blank wall.

One is reminded of the conversation between the Duke of Wellington and Lord Uxbridge at the Battle of Waterloo. Lord Uxbridge, sitting his horse next to the Duke, was struck by a cannon ball. Read more...

Jim Dowdall on set with 'Old Phyliss' , a 70 year old Sherman Tank

Fury: 5 Shermans, a Tiger and Jim Dowdall

6th January 2015 by Graham Scott @grahamfellow

We interview the Tank Supervisor, Jim Dowdall, to find out what it was like behind the scenes on Fury with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, 5 Shermans and a real Tiger tank.

Fury is now available on iTunes in the US and will be released on DVD in the UK at the end of February. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s now no excuse not to, and here’s how it was made.

Fury is one of the most realistic looking war films of the last decades. Read more...

Apple Watch

You’re Going to Buy an Apple Watch Next Year

30th December 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp

It’s always risky writing predictions about technology; there’s a very strong chance that you’ll get it completely wrong. We may have self driving cars (of sorts), jet packs (of sorts) and robots in the home (of sorts), but it’s hardly the Jetsons is it? Damn you Hanna-Barbera for crushing my dreams.

Nevertheless, as 2014 comes to a close, I thought that I’d take a stab at one technological prediction for 2015 and here it is: the Apple Watch is going to be an enormous success. Read more...

The #epicfail is always out there. Photo: ©Witchoria for FHQ. witchoria.com

2014: A Year of Epic Fail

18th December 2014 by James Bareham @happicamp


Last Sunday, Aaron Sorkin, the script writer behind ‘The West Wing’ penned a dramatic op-ed piece in The New York Times. In it, he railed against the media for publishing content from some of the thousands of stolen documents hacked from Sony’s servers by a shadowy group calling itself (rather bizarrely) the ‘Guardians of Peace’.

Mr Sorkin was subject and sometimes author of a number of hacked emails between Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin; he comes off rather better than Ms Pascal and Mr Rudin, whose comments have widely been reported as insulting, racist and sexist. Read more...

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